The International Tennis Number (ITN) is an initiative of the International Tennis Federation to increase participation by allowing players to objectively determine their level and progress.  By participating in an On Court Assessment you will receive an ITN (your rating) which is a guide to your playing level.

Each time you are assessed your results will be entered into the On Court Assessment website where you can track your development and analyze your strengths and weaknesses by using dynamic charts.

See how your forehand compares to your backhand. Compare your scores to players in your age group from around the world! Even check-out how you fair head-to-head against other individuals!

With 109 nations providing ITN assessments it is quickly becoming the worldwide standard for rating tennis players. So the only question is...

How good are YOU?

Want more info?

ITN On Court Assessment Website

Find out more about the ITN and On Court Assessment and check leader boards at this website. Once you have your own ITN this will be where you’ll log-in to analyse your scores and compare them to others’ form around the world. 

ITN On Court Assessment Brochure

Download this printable brochure for more information about the On Court Assessment.


Let’s do it! Where do I start?

Step 1:  Take the On Court Assessment to receive your ITN.

Step 2:  Log on to the On Court Assessment website using your Player Profile Number and Password (found on your Official ITN Certificate provided by Dan).

Step 3:  Fill-out your profile and authorize the assessment scores as entered by your coach.

Step 4:  Analyze your results using the graphs to compare your scores for different sections of the assessment and see how you compare to others in your age group worldwide and to other individuals of your choice.

Step 5:  Use your ITN to enhance your enjoyment of the game. Easily arrange more competitive hits with players of a similar level, not just locally but around the world.

Step 6: Practice, practice, practice and see your rating climb when you take future assessments!

NB. For greater accuracy your ITN is based on the average of your last 3 assessments and it is recommended that you complete at least 3 assessments to receive a reliable indication of your level.


What does my ITN mean?

Click on the links below to download charts to help you understand more about your ITN.

ITN Conversion Chart

Use this chart as a guide to convert your ITN to ratings given by tennis associations around the world, including Britain’s LTA.

Description of Standards

This chart tells you the general characteristics that players of different ITN rating levels possess. Check the description for your ITN and see what you need to work on to improve your rating.

what's you number?