Tip of the week: Cover the middle

In doubles, when you start at the net, do you stand right next to the alley? If so then you may as well not be on the court. Why? Because you're unlikely to take part in the point.

If your opponent is returning, they are typically looking to return crosscourt as that's the safest way to neutralize a decent serve. If your opponent is serving, then your first task is to make it tough for the opposing volleyer should your partner accidentally shank the return to them - if you're camped out on the opposite sideline you have failed.

Try starting halfway between the doubles sideline and the centre line. During the point you will need to adjust your position to be most effective, but when in doubt always err on the side of covering the middle of the court. Each step towards the centre will exponentially increase the amount of balls you will be able to intercept. So see how far you can push it before your opponents wisen up! See you on the court!

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