Tip of the week: Serve like a champion

Ever notice the pose of the player on most tennis trophies? You know, the one where they're poised to hit a serve. Turns out this "trophy pose" is a great way to start your serve. It's an advanced serving technique but has one key characteristic that even beginners can benefit from: the tilt of the shoulders.

After releasing the ball, your tossing arm should continue to rise and point up towards the ball. To assist with this your back shoulder should drop; this also makes it easier to keep your eyes locked on the ball without straining your neck. Then, as you accelerate your racket up towards the ball, imagine your shoulders are going to switch positions. Your back shoulder should move forward and up, while at the same time your front arm and shoulder should drop down to clear the way.

This will result in a powerful rotation around your core (centreline of your body). In addition, this motion will enhance your control as it will stifle those pesky little muscles in your wrist that have a habit of becoming overactive and destroying your aim! See you on the court!

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