Tip of the week: Control your wrists

In tennis you need good control of your wrists when you make contact with the ball. Players with weak wrists, or those that have played a lot of squash or badminton, may find that they have little control over their shots. If you struggle with accuracy, a concerted effort is required to improve.

You may need to do some wrist exercises, such as squeezing a stress ball or bending your wrist up and down while holding a light weight, to strengthen the muscles. You should also add some control exercises to your on-court training.

A great control exercise is to rally with a partner while you’re both standing only two metres away from the net. Use a continental (chopper) grip and keep a firm wrist with the racket head up. Block the ball back and forth, with an open racket face, as softly as you can, just like a volley but after the bounce. The softness required to maintain control will force you to tame an overactive wrist. See you on the court!

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