Tip of the week: Know which ball is yours

In doubles, you are essentially responsible for covering your half of the court, left or right, not front or back as many players assume. If you're covering front or back, the logical (lateral) position for both the baseliner and volleyer would be in the centre of the court. This renders the players largely ineffective as both sides of the court are unguarded, meaning both players have to cover the full width of the doubles court, an impossible task!

By covering left or right the players are required to only cover half the width of the court. You may say, but what if the baseliner gets a short ball? Well, they come forward, just as they would in singles! BUT, what if the volleyer gets lobbed? If the volleyer is defeated, meaning they can't hit an overhead, then in this case the baseliner can scoot across to retrieve the shot because typically this high ball will allow adequate time to do so.

To enhance your effectiveness further, when you're the net player, don't sit right on top of the net. Position yourself around half-way between the service-line and the net and you'll find that successful lobs occur a lot less often than you fear. See you on the court!

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